About Us

Museum Quality Model Airplanes

For nearly 25 years, we have been providing discriminating collectors, the aerospace industry, and aviation enthusiasts—among others—with artisan-made aircraft. This propelled us to provide the largest selection of precision models you can choose from. Master craftsmen shape these highest quality models from fine mahogany wood with remarkable precision and attention to detail.

Choose from over 2,000 hand-crafted desktop model aircraft to complete yourcollection. Whether you are into military aircraft, commercial planes, civilian aircraft, space shuttles, you will surely find something in our catalog that will suit your preference.

If you require something specific, such as a certain airplane, paint scheme, registration, or detail not available within their large selection, we can custom build and paint anything to your requirements. We can also provide clear canopies (that reveal interiors) and specific weapons that include scale missiles and bombs to complete your collection. The end result is an executive quality, desktop model airplane that can be proudly given as a gift or displayed prominently in your home or office. These custom crafted replicas make excellent conversation pieces and memorable keepsakes.

From World War I propeller planes to modern supersonic jets and spacecraft, the wide collection of hand-carved models will ignite your patriotic spirit and revive your passion for history.