Custom Made Models

As much as we would like, it would be impossible to produce and stock every aircraft, in every marking or color scheme it has ever worn.

For those who need something special and cannot find it within our huge selection of stock models, we can custom produce and paint most aircraft in your choice of size, markings and paint scheme. We have a large library of aviation drawings and resources to produce a model you will be proud of.

You supply the pictures and any special instructions. We do all the rest!

Almost anything can be reproduced to your satisfaction. Including military aircraft, private and general aviation, business or airliners. Our models have been showcased in aviation museums, corporate offices and private dens. Our customers include several airlines, large corporations, military units and thousands of pilots and enthusiasts.

We have selected several of the models from our custom shop to display.

See them here: Custom Built Airplane Models | Scalecraft

These models have been personally commissioned and built. Most of them are one of a kind and no longer available. If you see something that you would like, please let us know. We might have an extra or manufacturing sample available. Or you can order one built especially for you.

Each model is custom and individually made. Costs can vary depending on the size and complexity of your project. It normally takes 15-18 weeks to design, carve, paint and ship a fully complete custom model. In certain cases, we can finish the model sooner depending on our workload. We take our time and use only the highest quality mahogany wood, long curing times, quality paints and detailed workmanship. We will not rush our production process like other companies. Discounts are available for higher quantities.  Please send us your ideas, pictures, design, and specifications for a free quote. 

We can also include a clear canopy to view the seats and interior for the additional details and personalization you may require.

Contact us for a quote today!